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Philosophy of Teaching 

“Effective teachers believe that there is potential in each learner and commit to finding the key that will unlock that potential.” -Gayle Gregory 

  • As an educator, I believe that every student has individual talents that should be valued and celebrated. It is my responsibility as the classroom teacher to ensure that the structure of my classroom fits the specific needs of my students. 

  • I believe it is important to utilize all resources provided in the school setting to individualize instruction. 

  • To create a positive learning environment within the classroom, an educator must develop a partnership between students, parents and community stakeholders. 

  • Through active listening, practicing presence, and developing personal connections, I will invest all that I can into the lives of my students.

Classroom Management Philosophy 

Creating an Environment of Respect & Rapport

  • Each day begins with positive interactions between teachers and students.

  • Mutual respect is encouraged between one another.

  • Diverse learning styles, student interests, and individual pace will be supported. 

  • Culturally Responsive Classroom

  • Promote cooperative tasks and grouping based upon knowledge of student interactions. 

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